Cloud Assessment Services

You are intrigued by the potential of cloud computing, but what specific value can it bring to your business? Which areas of your business will benefit most? What new opportunities does it present? How do those benefits and opportunities translate to the bottom line? How much will it cost? Should you even invest in it?
Techno Endeavours Business Value Assessment helps you answer these questions and provide tangible insight you can use to determine cloud computing role in your strategic business and IT plans. Over a 2-4 week period, TEPL examines your business objectives, challenges, applications and future needs to identify opportunities where cloud technologies can offer value to your business. The associated benefits, costs and ROI are quantified and presented along with our recommendations in a final report.

Benefits of TEPL Cloud Business Value Assessment include:

  •  Provides a high-level cost-benefit analysis to define the value of cloud computing in financial terms
  •  Lends insight into the business applications for which cloud computing is most relevant
  •  Confirms whether or not a cloud computing program is justified for the business

Health Check

You are already executing an established cloud strategy, however you are experiencing problems. You aren’t realizing the value you expected, or you would just like an outside review. TEPL Health Check is a 2-week offering in which we assess and measure your cloud strategy, architecture, governance, and solution delivery against best practices. The conclusions and a set of recommended remediation actions are provided in a final report.

Benefits of TEPL Cloud Health Check include:

  •  Provides a benchmark of your current cloud computing approach against industry best practices
  •  Validates that existing projects are on track and provides actionable tasks to correct those that aren’t
  •  Helps ensure you maximize the most value out of your cloud computing investment
  •  Identifies and corrects problems early, before they become bigger issues