Custom Web design

Does the word attractive, appealing, compelling, and useful describe your website? If not, there’s no more perfect time than the present to re-imagine your online potential.

We at Techno Endeavours, start with your company’s needs in mind – what you stand for, what makes you unique, and what you want to communicate and then translate it all into a professional design that will resonate in your industry, be it manufacturing, healthcare, government and civil service, professional services or any other.
Techno Endeavours offers various web design packages with multiple features and cost effective web design. We extend our service also by creating small business web design and ecommerce web design which increase the online sales and number of visitors and customers to the particular website.

Here are some of the benefits when coupled with Techno Endeavours:

Seasoned Design Professionals
Techno Endeavours teams up with some of the best, innovative and most experienced web designers in the business. From the initial evaluation through a detailed, proven production process, our team is committed to produce a uniquely designed and aesthetically pleasing website that you will be proud to show to customers and prospects.

Form and Function Combined Seamlessly
When coupled with TEPL’s powerful, easy to use content management system, not only do you have a site that looks great, but one that provides the functionality needed to achieve your most critical communication goals and objectives.

At Techno Endeavours, we always try to find the most efficient and cost effective solution for our customers. So when the limitations of the packaged CMS or E-commerce Solution narrow the path of the customers’ agenda we offer our custom website development option. With the custom website from Techno Endeavours you need not compromise with your specifications, your visions and designs to the capabilities of a given platform or to fit into a predesigned template – we deliver the work precisely to your requirements.

Proven delivery framework
Building a custom website does not mean reinventing the wheel. Techno Endeavours has been in the website business for years and our delivery methodology has excelled, leaving us with a long list of satisfied clients. We use Kohana web application framework in our projects to reduce the development timeframe and yet maintain the highest quality of our code.

Integration with web services and External APIs
Custom development allows us to connect your website to any external interfaces and services such as PayPal, UPS, Amazon – you name it. We can also integrate third party plug-ins and create custom data feeds.

Website Security
We stand by our work and take full responsibility for every line of code that we write. We build a secured website and work relentlessly to restore the services ASAP in case of an attack.

Scalability, Extendibility, Performance
Custom website is built to suit clients requirements and the expected user traffic is one of the most important ones. The website will be able to withstand the hordes of users and we devise strategies for its future growth. We also help our clients to choose best hosting plan that fits best for their business needs.

Lifetime bug support
Being the developer of the code we know exactly where to look when any problem occurs. TEPL provides a lifetime free bug support on any website developed by us.
Techno Endeavours in precise, is the web development firm which creates innovative and trendy and cost effective web designs beyond imagination.