Mobile E-Publishing

Techno Endeavours offers Mobile E-Publishing Services that encompass migration of content from almost any format to digital format. Our mobile publishing team is equipped to deliver all types of services and solutions for the print, online and media domains. Our Mobile E-Publishing services permits our clients to instantly create and proactively distribute their easy-to-read ‘Digital Editions’ – simply using the internet as transport to the user (via email, URL link or accessed from the client’s website) – for viewing in Online, Offline and Mobile modes; anywhere, anytime.

Leveraging the latest technology coupled with seasoned professionals and trained staff; we are geared up to meet your expectations in terms of quality, turnaround time, pricing and support. Our customized Mobile E-Publishing Solutions facilitate clients to substantially reduce costs, improve ROI, improve efficiency and better meet the requirements of end customers

Techno Endeavours Mobile E-Publishing Highlights

  • True digital E-Publications
  • Online, Offline and Mobile E-Publications
  • Transform your content into electronic books as simple as possible
  • Lower production cost and higher profit
  • E-Books are delivered with highest quality with superior technology
  • E-Book process are optimized with neat design and controlled management
  • Use your Existing Pages – Portrait or Landscape – as either PDF or Word / PowerPoint documents
  • Incredibly easy to read and fully gesture enabled
  • Brand Visibility, Social Media and SEO enabled
  • Simple Navigation
  • Thumbnail view, Email to a friend and ‘dynamic’ Print functions
  • Rich Media on any page

How Can We Help You?

  • High quality electronic publishing service for comparatively low cost per product
  • Exceptional core team structure with controlled growth makes you save you money
  • Processes according to the E-pub standards which gains you to access to more customers
  • Quick TAT ensures your product reaches the market with no time
  • Larger volume of your content is converted with rapid speed
  • High revenue model