Embedded Testing

Our embedded system testing services help fulfill customers’ demand for innovative, higher-performing products while addressing safety-critical issues, time-to-market and cost pressures. Whether a cell phone, PDA, X-Ray Machine, car or an intelligent home theater system embedded software drives most of the functionality in all devices. The following traits of embedded software can make it difficult to test:

  • Real time responses
  • Separate host (target) systems from development environments
  • Lack of standardization in deployment architectures
  • Lack of established interfaces to systems under testing
  • Stringent Fail-Safe requirements
  • Extremely high cost of isolating and fixing defects

Benefits to Clients

  • Address end-to-end product quality concerns with experienced professionals, proven methodology and effective tools.
  • Shorten the automation ramp-up at much reduced cost of quality.
  • Tool and Framework Training reduce regression testing times with automated builds and testing.

Techno Endeavours provides end-to-end testing services for embedded software across a host of target devices, Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), development platforms and programming languages. Our services include embedded software testing strategy and code-level testing, as well as coverage analysis, functional testing, stress testing, code review, debugging and code maintenance.

We have experience in testing embedded software in the aerospace, defense, digital consumer, industrial/automotive and network infrastructure industries.

Embedded Software Testing Process

  • Define test objectives and functional testing strategy.
  • Identify embedded software interfaces.
  • Identify input and output signals across these interfaces.
  • Identify platform compatibility testing requirements.
  • Define manual test cases, test data and expected results.
  • Test execution, test management and defect resolution.
  • Develop test harness using embedded tools and emulators for automated testing.
  • Test Metrics and reporting.


  • Experience in testing a wide range of embedded software – from hand held devices, phones, network equipment and specialized industry devices.
  • Partnerships with test tool vendors to offer complete solutions.
  • Extensive experience with outsourcing of embedded software QA function.
  • Holistic Approach: Service includes code reviews, documentation and code maintenance.
  • Continuous Improvement: Unique Quality Metrics includes defect, process, efficiency, optimization and competitive.
  • Automation: Data-driven test automation using best of breed test automation tools.