Mobile Application Porting

“Adapting a mobile application, built for one mobile platform, into another is called Mobile Application Porting.”

Customers’ ever increasing demands for features, stability and compatibility has forced vendors of mobile app platforms to step up innovation resulting in a state of flux. In such a scenario, porting of applications must take into account the dependencies on user interface and device apart from the main issue of platform compatibility.

At Techno Endeavours, our approach to mobile app development involves great emphasis on standardizing and reusing code elements. This ensures the porting of source platform apps to target platforms quickly and efficiently.

Our Porting Strategy encompasses the following milestones:

Porting Analysis and Design: We use a reference port to conduct a detailed analysis. Post analysis, we construct a design blueprint that identifies and designs the reusable elements in the program code. This greatly reduces the turnaround time in the next phase i.e. porting development.

Porting Development: We diligently follow the design blueprint formulated in the previous phase to set up a coding framework. Once the coding framework is signed off, development kicks in and is implemented strictly as per the design and coding framework.

Post Test and Verification: Our expert testing setup-uses approved test cases to rigorously test each app built on its intended target device.

Importance of Mobile porting strategy

In today’s mobility world, there are multiple options available for the consumer in terms of mobile devices, and resolutions. The leading OS players are launching new and updated OS versions within a frequency of 6 months to 1 year, which is though providing multiple options to the users but is creating havoc for the mobile application developers. They need to ensure their mobile applications are scalable for the future releases. This includes scalability of the solution not just on one platform but on multiple platforms. The mobile application has to be developed to support multiple platforms available in the market to ensure deeper reach in the market.

TEPL’s Mobile Application Porting Offering

Keeping in mind the variety of platforms, devices, and OSes available in the market, TEPL structured the mobile application porting offering which allows our customers to leverage our mobile app development expertise across platforms. Whenever a new project comes, out mobility experts ensure the feasibility of the solution is evaluated across platforms and recommendations are provided to the client to include porting of the mobile solution to multiple platforms.

Mobile Application Porting is need of the hour as the variety of platforms and their OSes is expanding phenomenally thereby providing multiple options for the users to choose from and hence if a mobile application has to become popular in the market, it has to be present across different platform application stores.

TEPL can help you get that breadth across your target market quickly and efficiently before your competition does. Our unique testing abilities and expertise provide you with an effective mobile porting and migration service that spans across a wide range of devices, operating systems and programming platforms.