Web Development

We at Techno Endeavours will help your business to reach its potential by web development. With the help of web development we enhance your internet presence, which in turn help you to enhance your market presence and get a huge market exposure. You come with your thoughts, and we, understanding your future needs, will translate it to digital world. With our experienced team at Techno Endeavours, we develop Web Applications as per your requirements.

Web Development is the face of any business, in other terms it is the reflection the business. We develop top quality design and flow that attracts the customer. We offer our services across all verticals and levels of companies be it a small or big, a budding venture or established ones or be it personal or corporate websites.
A more comprehensive list of tasks to which web development commonly refers, may include Web Design, Web Content Development, Client Liaison, Client-side/Server-side Scripting, Web Server and Network Security Configuration, and E-commerce Development.

We are specialized in Client side / Server side coding, depending on the client requirements.

We never compromise on quality of services we provide, which ensures our clients gaining the best ROI from it.

Few of our web development and web designing services we offer:

  • GUI (Graphic User Interface) design
  • Audio, Video and Animation processing and encoding (for web usage)
  • Flash Capabilities (animation, audio, video, scripting)
  • Web content management system Deployment and/or Content management infrastructure design, development and integration
  • Web applications development, integration and deployment
  • Web server stress testing (how much traffic can a web server running a specific application endure before collapsing)
  • Web site security analysis & testing
  • Web site code optimization (which is an important aspect of search engine optimization)
  • Project management, QA and other aspects common to IT development