Offshore Development Center

Techno Endeavours Offshore Development Center provides you with access to a large pool of highly skilled technical and business resources at a competitive price point. Business leaders and IT managers realize that in today’s “Flat World” the use of offshore resources for software development and management is not an option, rather it is a requirement to remain competitive. While the primary benefit of offshore outsourcing remains the cost arbitrage against onshore development costs, a number of factors determine an organization’s ability to reap these benefits.

These factors include:

  • Skills and structure of the offshore team
  • Size and duration of the project
  • Process used to execute the offshore development project

Shortcomings in one or more of these areas will significantly impact the saving achieved by offshore development by different companies.

We provide the following services through our Offshore Development Center:

Outsourced Application Development and Maintenance

Our SDLC process is built to account for distributed teams and supports joint development between our customer team, TEPL’s onshore team and the offshore teams. Our distributed development teams also ensure that crucial milestones and system requirements can be delivered in a staged and iterative cycle of development and testing that build towards final project completion. This allows us to undertake the development and maintenance of business-critical software systems and deliver desired results consistently.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

Our BOT service allows companies to minimize the risks associated with off shoring. We build an offshore delivery capability that is customized for our clients, operate them as an extension of your organization, and provide the option to eventually transfer ownership of this offshore development team to you. Stringent recruiting standards, a rigorous training regimen, and real life project-based mentoring are used to build and retain a skilled team at the Offshore Development Center.

Offshore outsourcing with TEPL allows our clients to:

  • Expand pool of skilled resources
  • Scale efficiently
  • Leverage round the clock develop/maintenance cycles

With TEPL you get the best of both worlds – cost savings of offshore outsourcing and the quality of service of an onshore service provider.